News site Electrek has obtained an exclusive, in-depth look at the Tesla Model 3's new battery pack architecture. Tesla set out to make an electric vehicle that would cost less than the expensive Model S and X models, but to do so, they had to completely redesign the battery pack and platform to allow for greater efficiency and a lighter weight.

We already know that Model 3s are being sold with two battery pack options, the “just over 50 kWH,” base option with a range of about 354 kilometers (220 miles) and a "long-range" option with a capacity of roughly 75 kWH and range of about 499 kilometers (310 miles).

Image credit: Electrek

Electrek's information shows how the cells are arranged for each option. The cells are markedly larger than those found in other models, which is attributed to enabling "...Tesla to optimize volumetric energy density."

Tesla's battery performance is continuing to improve, both in their vehicles as well as with home storage packs like the Powerpacks and Powerwalls. And, all three applications are already making their mark on the environment. Continued innovation in this area will allow great strides to be made against fossil fuels until we can fully rely on renewable sources to power every need, from the lights in our homes to the accelerators in our cars.

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