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Other Shoes Dropping
Jan 17, 1:29 PM EST on futurism
CNET’s Publisher Having Trouble Selling It Due to AI Scandal
3.3.23, 1:43 PM EST on futurism
CNET's Post-AI Layoffs Apparently Gutted 50 Percent of Its News and Video Staff
Sure, Pal
Updated 3.3.23, 9:35 AM EST on the byte
CNET Says It's a Total Coincidence It's Laying Off Humans After Publishing AI-Generated Articles
For Shame
Updated 3.2.23, 2:12 PM EST on futurism
CNET Hits Staff With Layoffs After Disastrous Pivot to AI Journalism
Inside View
2.21.23, 10:49 AM EST on futurism
CNET Was Treating Staff Like Robots Long Before Publishing AI-Generated Articles
Bot Wreck
Updated 2.2.23, 10:03 AM EST on futurism
Red Ventures Knew Its AI Lied and Plagiarized, Deployed It at CNET Anyway
Locker Room
Updated 2.1.23, 5:13 PM EST on futurism
Leaked Messages Show How CNET's Parent Company Really Sees AI-Generated Content
Zombie Stage
Updated 2.1.23, 11:25 AM EST on futurism
CNET Sister Site Restarts AI Articles, Immediately Publishes Idiotic Error
Inside View
Updated 1.30.23, 12:27 PM EST on futurism
I Work for CNET’s Parent Company. Its AI-Generated Articles Disgust Me.
Botulism Toxin
Updated 1.23.23, 3:37 PM EST on futurism
CNET's AI Journalist Appears to Have Committed Extensive Plagiarism
Pause Patrol
Updated 1.20.23, 7:05 PM EST on futurism
CNET and Bankrate Say They're Pausing AI-Generated Articles Until Negative Headlines Stop
Updated 1.20.23, 1:05 PM EST on futurism
CNET Secretly Used AI on Articles That Didn't Disclose That Fact, Staff Say


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