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Surveillance State
1.12.23, 11:23 AM EST on the byte
Iran Apparently Using Facial Recognition to Catch Women Breaking Hijab Law
Facing the Music
1.5.23, 9:42 AM EST on the byte
Man Accuses Cops of Throwing Him in Jail Based on False Facial Recognition Match
Know When To Fold...
10.19.22, 3:42 PM EDT on the byte
Casinos to Use Facial Recognition to Keep "Problem Gamblers" Away
Stalker Aid
Updated 7.19.22, 5:32 PM EDT on futurism
Experts Horrified by Facial Recognition Site That Digs Up "Potentially Explicit" Photos of Children
Paw Patrol
7.9.22, 11:42 AM EDT on the byte
Smart Pet Door Uses Facial Recognition to Keep Strange Animals Out
Hell on Earth
Updated 4.16.22, 5:16 PM EDT on futurism
Internet Aghast at AI Facial Recognition Used to Identify Dead Russian Soldiers
Face It
4.15.22, 12:48 PM EDT on futurism
Ukraine Reportedly Using Facial Recognition to Send Photos of Dead Russian Soldiers to Their Mothers
Don't Blink
4.6.22, 4:36 PM EDT on the byte
Startup That Exchanges Crypto for Eyeball Scans Descends Into Chaos
Face Book
Updated 2.1.22, 2:28 PM EST on the byte
Startup Slammed for Saying It Can Reconstruct Faces From DNA
Company Mandated ...
6.17.21, 11:00 AM EDT on the byte
Chinese Canon Employees Must Smile at the Facial Recognition Camera Before Returning to Work
Oh, Cool.
Updated 1.6.21, 4:20 PM EST on the byte
Government Facial Recognition Can Identify 96 Percent of Masked People
Abusive Environment
Updated 11.4.20, 9:45 AM EST on the byte
Men at Facial Recognition Startup Used Its Own Tech to Sexually Harass Coworkers