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Seeing Scarlet Red
May 22, 2:02 PM EDT on the byte
Legal Experts Say OpenAI Is in Big Trouble If Scarlett Johansson Decides to Sue
I'm With Her
May 21, 10:49 AM EDT on futurism
Scarlett Johansson Says OpenAI Asked to Use Her Voice for ChatGPT, and When She Said No They Did It Anyway
May 20, 10:49 AM EDT on the byte
OpenAI Removing Voice From ChatGPT That Sounds Too Much Like Scarlett Johansson
Bot Net
May 15, 9:19 AM EDT on futurism
Sites Busted Running AI Content Farm That Rips Off Real Journalists' Work When They Accidentally Left Prompt in Published Article
Her? Really?
May 14, 2:37 PM EDT on the byte
Sam Altman Inspired to Create AI by Tragic Movie Where Joaquin Phoenix Has Heart Broken by Chatbot
Is That You Scarl...
May 14, 12:46 PM EDT on futurism
ChatGPT's Vision-Enabled Chatbot Makes Extremely Weird Sound When It Sees a Dog
May 14, 9:00 AM EDT on the byte
Company "Sheepishly" Admits Its Employee Handbook Was Generated With ChatGPT, Doesn’t Have Anti-Harassment Policy
Video Drome
May 13, 3:25 PM EDT on futurism
New ChatGPT AI Watches Through Your Camera, Offers Advice on What It Sees
Sell Out
May 9, 11:54 AM EDT on the byte
Stack Overflow Bans Users for Protesting Against It Selling Their Answers to OpenAI as Training Data
Bossed Around
Apr 17, 6:30 PM EDT on the byte
CEOs Suddenly Fear AI Will Take Their Jobs Too
The AI Engine Tha...
Mar 28, 6:15 PM EDT on the byte
Disillusioned Businesses Discovering That AI Kind of Sucks
Classwork Cheatcode
Mar 26, 9:31 AM EDT on the byte
ChatGPT Use Linked to Memory Loss, Procrastination in Students