Being a sneakerhead isn't cheap and it's not good for the environment, either. In fact, trainers account for 1.4-percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions, which is a pretty intense considering that air travel is responsible for 2.5 percent. So if owning sustainable shoes is as important to you as owning a stylish, comfortable sneaker, you need to hear about Lane Eight's Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women.

What Are Lane-Eight Trainer AD 1?


Meet your new favorite workout shoe: the Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women. It's designed to be versatile, comfortable, and stable, so it's ready to keep up with all the ways you move. Most importantly, it's completely free of animal products and manufactured sustainably. With Lane Eight, you're getting better shoes with a smaller footprint. That's because Lane Eight's Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women is made from recycled plastic; an Algae-based foam midsole, a recycled knit upper, and a vegan suede microfiber overlay.

So whether you're looking to crush HIIT classes, dominate in the gym, slay your run, or simply look fashionable, Lane Eight's got you covered. The Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women is the sustainably produced shoe for everything you do.

Lane Eight Sustainable Shoes


Lane Eight's on a mission to build the world’s best workout shoes. But they're not just talking performance in the gym or on the road. They're talking about designing and developing shoes that Planet Earth can feel good about. With their Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women, they incorporated recycled and sustainable materials like plastic and algae that reduce our impact, making their shoes better than ever.

Part of what sets the Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women apart from other shoes is its BLOOM™ Algae Foam Midsole. BLOOM harvests toxic algae blooms from lakes around the world. Then the algae is dried and processed, and eventually becomes part of their ultra cushy midsoles. All told, each pair of BLOOM midsoles returns 31.5 liters of freshwater back to the environment and removes 64-cubic meters of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In addition to its Algae Foam Midsole, Lane Eight's stretchy, supportive knit uppers are made with 11 bottles worth of recycled single-use plastic yarn. Plus, its vegan microfiber overlay is lighter than suede, and just as durable too, resulting in a sustainable shoe that fits and feels as good as it looks.

Lane Eight's 30-Day Free Return


Best of all, the Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women come with a 30-day free return. So if you’re not totally in love, Lane Eight will take your trainers back, no questions asked. Most importantly, your returns will not go to waste. As long as they're in good condition, they'll get cleaned up and donated to one of Lane Eight's charity partners.

By choosing Lane Eight, you’re investing in better shoes for yourself, and better shoes for the planet. So what are you waiting for? Purchase a pair of Lane Eight's Trainer AD 1 for Men and Women and step into the next generation of sustainability.

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