While an exercise pill might seem appealing after that fourth squat, working out offers a wide number of benefits, both physical and mental. Yet if you lose interest in your routine, it can be tough to get it back. That's where Studio SWEAT onDemand (SSoD) comes in, and you can get a year of unlimited at-home workouts for $99, 60% off the MSRP.

SSoD, founded by ACE-certified personal trainer Cat Kom, is built to work with what you have and where you are. Simply download the top-rated app for iOS and Android, or install it on your smart TV or set-top box. From there, you're prompted to fill in whatever equipment you have at your disposal, what your day-to-day offers you in terms of exercise, and what your goals are. It generates a customized workout plan based on that data, with plenty of variety and consistency for you, and that works with the gear you already have.

You can stream classes on yoga, pilates, HIIT, barre, strength training, bootcamp, TRX, indoor cycling, and much more. Every class is led by a world-class instructor, and you can draw motivation and support from a global community of classmates, which is just part of the reason why SSoD was ranked one of the top cycling classes of 2021 by Byrdie. You will also get daily motivational messages from the SSoD team to stay on target and get expert nutrition tips crafted by registered dieticians to eat healthy as well.

And if you'll be heading somewhere you don't get signal, you can download classes to stay on track, no matter how far from a cell tower you are. If you're looking to shake up your home workout routine, or want to be able to take your classes with you when you get back out on the road, Studio SWEAT onDemand makes it easy, and at $99 for a one-year subscription, you won't sweat the cost, either.

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