Robots are so complex, they can now do our dancing for us. Robotics are a fun, interactive way to learn circuitry, engineering, and coding, and the Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set with Toolkit has everything you need to get started. 

Your First Mad Science Lab

This kit has seven different bots to build, each packaged like trading cards. First, you'll be instructed on how to set up your workspace, which is perfect for budding engineers to learn about making things safely. The toolkit comes with tweezers, file, soldering wire, a USB-powered soldering iron, a rotary tool, and safety glasses, everything you need. 

After you get your tools arranged and get comfortable, you can start unwrapping the bots. Each one comes with snap-out print circuit board (PCB) parts and a detailed instruction booklet.

Building A Better Bot

Each robot is designed to be both fun to build and play with while teaching you about some aspect of electrical engineering. If you're new, or just rusty, there's a practice bot that lets you try out the basics of soldering with some simple techniques.

Once you're more confident, or if you're already handy with a soldering iron, you can move on to the other bots. Each uses light sensors and will follow any light source you shine on them, and you can start with the instructions. As you progress, you can switch and add parts, just like other building kits, to customize your bots and try new approaches to your engineering technique. 

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter & IndieGoGo!, this kit is simple to assemble on your own, or as a family project. Older kids comfortable with soldering and with safety gear can even put them together themselves, making it a perfect gift for the robot fan in your life.

Get the Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set + Toolkit for $125.99 (reg. $129)

Prices subject to change.

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