What's Happening

Flickr has revealed plans to begin immersing its users in photos that will make use of virtual reality headsets. Users were allowed to demo the company's test project while wearing the Oculus DK 2 headset and rotate themselves in a full 360 degrees to look at a whole photograph. They were able to switch to another image by looking at what was described as "a pair of blue and pink balls" for a few seconds, which is basically Flickr's logo.

The Implications

This plan by Flickr to provide users with immersive photographs is the same as the mobile app that was reportedly planned by Facebook, wherein people will be able to rotate their mobile phones in order to look in panoramic view on 360-degree images. Bertrand Fan, Flickr's front-end architect, said that they plan to allow users who possess their own virtual reality equipment to engage in the images uploaded via their website.

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