Opening Their Doors, Maybe

PlayStation is set to be the most affordable of the current crop of high-end virtual reality headsets, starting at $399 for the just the headset. This, of course, requires that you already own a PlayStation 4 (and the PlayStation Camera and Move maybe not so cheap in the grand scheme of things).

But if you’re a member of the PC Master Race, Sony’s Masayasu Ito may have some promising news for you. In an interview with Nikkei, Ito says that Sony is “considering plans” to make the PlayStation VR compatible with the PC. He points out that both the PS4 and the PC share the same graphics architecture and processor, making the move a distinct possibility.

The PlayStation VR core system is now available for pre-order. Credit: Sony


Despite that news, Sony is still be concentrating on creating games for the PlayStation VR that are designed to be played on the PS4, so don’t expect to be able to hook up your PS VR to your PC any time soon after its October 2016 release. Ito says that Sony will be undergoing an “expansion into various fields” but it’ll have come after the PlayStation 4’s games.

Opening up the PS VR to fields outside of videogaming would include entertainment, manufacturing, and even medicine. As the virtual reality industry begins (and expands more and more into different industries), it will become increasingly enticing for Sony to diversify their VR system past its gaming origins.

The Competition

The top tier of the virtual reality lineup currently has the $800 HTC Vive, the recently released $600 Oculus Rift, and the upcoming PlayStation VR for $400. But as previously mentioned, that price tag comes with some hitches though. It only includes the main headset. To take full advantage of the system, you’ll need the PlayStation Camera for $60, and the Move controllers which will cost you $50 a piece.

With its base setup, the PS VR should be able to run most VR games and even take advantage of Sony’s Cinematic Mode, which will be dedicated to movies and videos.

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