Deep Sleep

Until technology finds a way to let residents in earthquake prone places precisely and accurately predict when tremors are about to start, perhaps the only way to sleep soundly at night is to start using this concept for an earthquake-proof bed.

However, be warned: It looks kind of terrifying.

The mechanism is designed to protect occupants by letting the mattress drop into a hollow chamber with a strong, protective lid once it is triggered by sensors. Once safely inside, you can peacefully wait for the shaking to stop with supplies (the chamber can easily accommodate an ample stock of emergency supplies) until help arrives.

The origins of the concept have yet to be confirmed and speculations regarding the inventor of this strongbox concept remains a mystery; however many are suggesting, including an article from Gizmodo, that the idea came from Chinese inventor, Wang Wenxi, who was apparently granted a patent for the beds back in 2010.

There are no additional details about how to get out of the box once it is activated; however it is assumed that you can open the box inside as well (?). The video below illustrates how the concept can be incorporated into a number of ways into your bedroom interiors.

Buried Alive

While it is a novel idea to address one of the most terrifying natural disaster scenarios, limited information regarding the technology prompts several questions. For instance, what happens when the occupant of the bed isn’t lying down on the mattress when the sensors are triggered? What happens when you’re sat down and the mattress and drops into the chamber? What if you have your legs or arms still sticking out before the lid closes? What safety features are in place?

More importantly, when you wake up to an emergency earthquake situation, will being dropped into a solid, steel box make you have a heart attack?

Obviously, these are important questions, as losing a limb or breaking your back in a earthquake bed that swallows you whole may not be all that much of an improvement...many would probably prefer to just hid out in a bath tub.

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