One of the biggest modern challenges is how we get where we need to go. Climate change, access to transit, and types of transit will be part of this discussion as we electrify and slim down our approaches to mobility. Yet you don't need to wait to experience the future. The Faboard All-Terrain Skateboard can go both on and off the road, and right now it's $599.99, 19% off.

The Faboard uses two 1000W motors connected to 6-inch non-inflatable silicone tires to take you where you need to go. The 7500 mAh batteries offer up to 17 miles of range at a top speed of 24.8 MPH. It also allows for hill climb of up to 20 degrees, enough to tackle the gnarliest hills. And, of course, you can simply skate the old-school way if you want to conserve battery power. It's easy to recharge as well, topping up within three hours, so you can ditch your car for the commute and then roll out at the end of the day.

The durable 8-ply maple board can carry up to 330 pounds, so hauling a backpack full of groceries or taking your board out for an overnight trip to a friend's house is as easy as stepping on and pushing off. The handle on either side makes it easy to haul when you need to get off your board, and a built-in light bar keeps you visible and makes spotting obstructions in dim conditions easier. And for precision braking and acceleration, you can use the included remote control.

How we get around is changing, and fast. Where before we took cars everywhere, we're looking at smaller, lighter, electric ways to get around. A Faboard can help you save gas and open up your city to you, and at $599.99, 19% off, it's a great way to put the future under your feet.

Prices subject to change.

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