There's nothing more American than revamping how you feel based on what you're wearing. This is especially true when you're trying to keep up with all the latest trends. The downside to being so consistently hip is that you're probably consuming fast fashion. Nearly 3.8 billion pounds, or about 85 percent, of clothing purchased by Americans is eventually sent to landfills as waste. That's about 80 pounds of fast fashion waste for someone just like you. And in order to combat the amount of waste you're creating, you have to purchase clothes built to last. This is why you need to know about Sene's Custom Ever Jean for women and men.

Say Goodbye To Fast Fashion With A Pair Of Custom Ever Jean For Men & Women

Ever Jeans

Sene's Custom Ever Jeans are one-of-a-kind jeans made custom for men and women from scratch. Ever Jeans are designed in Los Angeles and expertly constructed and cut to fit each person’s preferences. As part of Sene's 1-to-1 model, they only make clothes if there is someone to actually wear it. And you're guaranteed to wear a pair of jeans that are made to perfectly fit your body.

Part of what makes your custom Ever Jeans for women and men fit so well is the fabric. The premium stretch denim is from Japan and sourced from the same mill used by Prada, Acne Studios, and AG Jeans. This innovative Japanese stretch denim is incredibly comfortable, yet won't ever lose its shape or fit. That's because your custom Ever Jeans go through a thorough production process, and each piece is laser cut one at a time to order. Plus, there are multiple quality checkpoints across the production process to ensure the fit and craftsmanship are impeccable.

How It Works

Ever Jean

You don't have to feel intimated when it comes to setting your preference for your perfect pair of Ever Jeans. There are a variety of ways for you to measure your body to ensure you're going to get a perfect-fitting pair of Ever Jeans for women or men. This includes the option to take an online quiz, measure the dimensions of your body, mail in your favorite pair of jeans to achieve a duplicate fit, or simply choose a standard size.

Once you choose your fit method and purchase your pair of Ever Jeans for women or men, they are custom-made and hand-assembled specifically for you. Your garment is hand sewn in six days, and ships in about 2 weeks. All that's left for you to do is try them on and experience the joy of a perfect-fitting skinny jean.

Risk-Free Guarantee For A Perfect Fit

Ever Jean

When it comes to Sene's Ever Jeans for women and men, it usually fits just right the first time. But if it doesn't, Sene will remake it until it does or cover your alterations. What if you change your mind or simply don't like your jeans? Return them for a full refund, or exchange them for another style or color. And guess what? Return shipping is free too, because Sene understands that buying custom clothing can seem scary. But the Sene Fit Guarantee makes it risk-free.

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to fast fashion by purchasing a perfect fit with Sene's Custom Ever Jeans for women and men.

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