Everyone knows good shoes are important. The problem is we often have to choose between form and function. If you want to wear sneakers, which are comfortable and stylish, you have to sacrifice durability and safety. If you want to wear work boots, which offer the most protection, you have to endure bulky shoes that leave your feet sweaty and exhausted. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have the best of all words? Well, if you want work shoes that protect your feet like heavy duty boots but look and feel like sneakers, you need to take a look at Space, the latest genre-busting design from Indestructible Shoes.

Indestructible Shoes: Work Boots That Look Like Sneakers

Image via Indestructible Shoes

Whether you work in construction, one of the skilled trades, or you’re just a weekend warrior doing projects around your home, you’ve got to take care of your feet. They are the foundation of your body. Just like the foundation of a house, they provide support and stability for everything up top. If they fail, so does the rest of you. Impact, compression, and puncture injuries can do permanent damage to your feet that can jeopardize your livelihood and quality of life. Luckily, protecting your feet is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to Indestructible Shoes.

Indestructible Shoes make shoes that look and feel like sneakers but protect your feet like rugged steel toe boots. Made from high-tech materials that are incredibly strong but still incredibly lightweight, these shoes are designed to handle anything you can throw at them.

Indestructible Shoes don’t just keep your feet feeling good, though. This company understands that nobody wants to wear sneakers that protect like work boots if they look stupid. That’s why they put style at the forefront of all their designs, constantly innovating and updating so their shoes always look fresh. In fact, most Indestructible Shoes customers discover that the shoes look so good, they don’t just wear them for construction projects. They wear them everywhere, from the weight room and grocery store to backyard barbecues and Saturday little league.

Space, the latest release from Indestructible Shoes, is certainly no exception to this philosophy. Indeed, it’s one of their best designs yet.

Meet The All New ‘Space’ From Indestructible Shoes

Image via Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes’ Space design looks similar to other sneakers being made by some of the world’s top brands. It features a one-piece knit upper constructed entirely of ultra breathable flymesh, an incredibly comfortable moisture-wicking material that prevents sweat and odors. And the shoe’s slip-on design makes it easy to take on and off. A partial lace cage provides a little extra support around the ankle. And Space’s extra chunky sole provides maximum cushion for all-day comfort.

But that’s just what you see on the outside. There’s a lot more going on below the surface.

Like all Indestructible Shoes, Space features heavy-duty steel toes, skid and slip resistant grips, puncture resistant soles made from military grade kevlar, and upgraded insoles with 3D arch support and extra-padded heel cups. However, despite all those safety features, each shoe weighs less than one pound and feel almost impossibly springy and flexible.

If you’re somebody who has to wear protective footwear for a living, you probably never dreamed you’d get to wear something that looked and felt this good to work. But that’s the thing about Indestructible Shoes—they’re all about making the impossible possible when it comes to footwear. So click here to order Indestructible Shoes Space, today.

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