Even though research indicates that the clothes you wear can alter your performance, you don’t always have a say in the matter. Professional work environments oftentimes have rules in place that force us to dress a certain way, even if it’s uncomfortable. This is because studies indicate that dressing the part helps people perform better at work. But what about when you need to feel comfortable in order to think or, more importantly, perform? Well, it turns out that dressing professional doesn’t have to feel bad. In fact, if you’re looking for business attire that fits and feels like athleisure, look no further than Ministry Of Supply’s Kinetic, wrinkle free pants.

Kinetic, Wrinkle Free Pants From Ministry Of Supply

Photo: Ministry Of Supply

These Kinetic work pants are proof that when it comes to workplace dress codes, you don’t have to choose between feeling uncomfortable and looking good. This is because the Kinetic, wrinkle free pants were designed to be the most flattering pair you own. They are made from resilient Japanese warp-knit Kinetic fabric that gives unrivaled mobility, responds to your movements throughout the day, and always bounces back. This makes the Kinetic Dress Pant the perfect mix of form meeting function. The result is a pant that uses cutting edge technology to ensure that every pair of the wrinkle free pants also offers a perfect fit.

Cutting Edge Design

Photo: Ministry Of Supply

In order to produce garments that fit a variety of bodies perfectly, Ministry Of Design reconfigured cutting edge fashion by reimagining dress pants. They do this by focusing on classic designs that look fabulous on everybody, and that come to life thanks to radically engineered fabrics and state of the art construction techniques. Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Dress Pants are designed, built, and tested to respond to your body's needs.

Sourcing Wrinkle-Free Fabric For Wrinkle Free Pants

Photo: Ministry Of Supply

Formal looks meet sporting performance in this innovative fabric that never wrinkles. By using high-tech fabrics such as Japanese Primeflex polyester, Ministry Of Supply produces timeless pieces that provide the comfort and ease of athletic-wear while giving the appearance of business-appropriate attire. The warp-knitting of Japanese Primeflex unlocks structural stretch that doesn’t rely on materials that break down over time, leaving your pants in the same primo condition as when you bought them. The fabric also uses your body's own heat to remain wrinkle free. Plus, it provides you with the feel and structure of a woven material that still bends and stretches like a knit. So you can do more while feeling as comfortable as you would in athletic pants.

Sustainable Innovation

Part of what makes Ministry Of Supply’s Kinetic, wrinkle free pants unique is that they were designed to have an extended lifespan. This is done to help diminish the product's carbon footprint. They also implemented cutting-edge techniques, such as 3D Print-Knit, which reduces scrap waste by over 30 percent. Thanks to these design techniques, Ministry Of Supply contributes far less to the 14.3 million pounds of clothing being thrown away each year in the US.

Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic, wrinkle free dress pants have a design that can’t be beat, and is arguably the most comfortable business attire you'll find. It allows you to dress in a professional manner that also offers comfort and style.

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