Over the last two decades, scientists have discovered the importance of gut health. In fact, a healthy gut has been linked to overall systemic health, which includes your immune health, endocrine health, mood/mental health, and even healthy skin. Thanks to these powerful findings, many people have chosen to add a probiotic to their daily routine. Unfortunately, many of the probiotics on the market do not include strains backed by published science. So if you're looking for a probiotic that uses a science-based approach, you need to know about Seed’s DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic.

Gut Health and The Power of Probiotics

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Until recently, the intricacies of the digestive system were a mystery to scientists and doctors. They believed it to be a relatively simple system consisting of a long tube through which food passes, is absorbed, and eventually is eliminated. But we now know it's so much more than that. Your body is home to a community of trillions of microorganisms, including 38 trillion bacteria that live in and on you. This microbiome performs critical functions like helping digest food, managing inflammation, synthesizing key vitamins into metabolites, and supporting the production of neurotransmitters. However, our modern lifestyle has thrown off the balance of this intricate ecosystem. Aspects like antibiotic overuse combined with alcohol, sugar, tobacco, disrupted sleep, city-living, stress, plant and fiber-poor diets, and other environmental factors, have depleted the diversity and richness of our microbiomes. And this has negatively impacted our overall gut health.

There is now a robust amount of research that indicates one of the best ways to support key aspects of your health is with specific strains of clinically-studied bacteria better known as ‘probiotics’. Specific strains studied for specific benefitsand administered in the clinically studied quantities, can make an impact. Seed’s first innovation, their flagship DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic, is formulated with clinically and scientifically studied probiotic strains that deliver core benefits to the gastrointestinal system which, in turn, influences systemic health.

Seed’s DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic - Grounded in Real Science

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DS-01™ was developed by some of the leading scientists in the field of probiotics with research, testing and sequencing performed at some of the most prominent academic institutions. DS-01™ is among the first broad spectrum, multi-strain probiotics to undergo end-to-end, whole-genome testing—the application of nanopore and shotgun sequencing of microbial DNA to genetically validate each species and strain. DS-01™ delivers 24clinically and scientifically studied probiotic strains that not only support digestive health, gut barrier integrity, and gut immune function, but also cardiovascular and dermatological health, as well.

The efficacy of Seed’s DS-01™ is due to their patent-pending novel, 2-in-1 nested dry capsule delivery technology, which ensures the probiotics are delivered to the end of the small intestine right to the colon.. This safeguards the viability of the probiotics through the digestive process also serves as a barrier to oxygen, moisture, and heat, so unlike most probiotics, no refrigeration is necessary.

Seed's Subscription Kit & Sustainability Promise

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Seed makes it easy to maintain this healthy habit with a monthly refillable subscription that begins with a Welcome Kit that includes a sustainable glass jar and complementary glass travel vial. Seed’s packaging and materials are sustainably made to be as kind to the Earth. Each month, your refills are delivered in compostable bio-based pouches and corn-based foam that dissolves in water.

Your gut health can be the root of so many other health issues and an effective probiotic can make all the difference. Not all probiotics are created equal—Use code SYNBIOTIC10 for 10% off your first month of Seed’s DS-01™.

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