The benefits of providing smart devices for company employees are proven, even for small businesses. According to a 2016 Frost & Sullivan report, smartphone usage increases employee productivity by 34 percent. The even better news? The cost. A $500 device investment for an employee who earns $50,000 per year is roughly one work hour per month. An extra hour of work for a 34 percent jump in productivity is a smart investment that employers were making long before 2020, and now, the transition is critical.

With pandemic restrictions still in place, employer-provided work devices are more important than ever as employees continue to work remotely while maintaining maximum professionalism. If your organization needs a little assistance setting up, managing and securing your employee's Apple devices, then you need to sign up for Jamf Now. Free for up to three devices, Jamf Now is only $2 per month per additional device. 

Jamf Now is the IT department for companies that don't have one. For small to medium-sized businesses that run exclusively on Apple devices, Jamf Now allows you to manage company devices to help them work seamlessly together and accomplish your company mission from anywhere in the world. If setting up new devices, taking inventory, configuring email and updating devices isn't your forte, shift that complicated work to Jamf Now so you can focus on delivering the best product possible. 

Even though Apple is famous for its user-friendly software, things can still get a little complicated with their more advanced features. While Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) is what allows companies to distribute data and settings to iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, it's not something every entrepreneur is equipped to handle—but  Jamf Now is ready to tackle your MDM needs and get information flowing. 

Additionally, a network of disconnected work devices can be vulnerable to security threats like loss, theft, and security breaches.  Jamf Now can help with features such as password requirements, and the ability to lock or wipe a device. 

Mobile devices help some of the most innovative small businesses run flawlessly and Jamf Now is here to help.  Sign up today and watch your business flourish with this simple and effective Apple device management software. 

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