2020 was a year of involuntary social experiments, from drastic emissions reductions to using Google to track public health trends. Yet the one we'll probably remember the most is the toll the year took on education. Around the world, people had to switch to new forms of teaching and learning, many of them involving videoconferencing, instructional videos, and other uses of screens.

Knowable is aiming for a different take, one that puts audio first. And you can sign up for a lifetime subscription for just $59.99, or 75% off.

The Power Of Audio

You've probably heard the term "visual learner," but you may not know that it comes from a theory that there are four basic learning styles: Visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic. Similarly, the idea that we all have only one learning style isn't quite true. In fact, while researchers and scientists are debating which models to use, one point that's widely accepted is there's no one type of learning style and that almost all of us can benefit from a mix of different approaches. While our personal preference may prioritize one method more than another, almost everyone can use each style to continue their education in some way.

This shifts how we can approach learning, particularly lifelong learning and self-improvement. Even if you think of yourself as a specific type of learner, you can still derive a lot from using different techniques. Stop and consider how many situations where you use your eyes but not your ears: Working out, cleaning the house, meal prep, commuting, waiting in line. The advantage of Knowable is that it brings exclusive educational audio to you when you can listen.

Why Knowable?

Knowable is built as an audio learning platform with a library of courses taught by experts, carefully recorded and mixed to offer an immersive learning experience. It's specifically geared towards lifelong learners who want to boost their careers, find inspiration, and learn new things. Courses are concise and structured like a class, with none of the digressions you'll find in podcasts. And each course has a detailed breakdown of what's taught in each lesson, so you can see what each course involves.

Here are just a few courses on the platform:

  • How To Sleep Better: Led by the author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It, W. Chris Winter, MD, Winter and nine other sleep experts delve into why you're not sleeping and what you can do about it.
  • Win At Business Writing: Judy Steiner-Williams, senior lecturer at the Kelley Business School at Indiana University, discusses what business writing is, what it isn't, and how to communicate effectively in text in the workplace.
  • The Science of Persuasion: Andy Luttrell, professor of social psychology at Ball State University, explores why specific messages work and how to apply that to your personal and professional life to ensure that you're heard.

Nor are classes the only materials offered on Knowable. Dr. Winter's class, for example, includes four hours of lessons, 13 hours of supplementary material for you to learn more about the topics discussed, guided meditations, bedtime stories, and sleep playlists to help you drift off. It also includes curated resources so you're not stuck Googling to learn more, a companion e-textbook, and a glossary of terms and lesson summaries so you can refer back without scrubbing through the audio.

Continuing to learn makes us more thoughtful, more informed, and better as team members, family members, and friends. Knowable adds a powerful educational tool to that mix, and at $59.99 for a lifetime subscription, you'll never run out of ways to broaden your horizons with this audio learning platform.

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