Tax season is not only stressful due to taxes owed, but for the multitude of problems that can arise when it comes to paying up. Thousands of Americans need help after an IRS audit, when it comes to tax fraud claims, or negotiating tax relief, all without a feasible solution in sight. For those suffering from tax debt troubles, Community Tax is your knight in shining armor for serious tax situations. 

Community Tax is one of the most established tax resolution companies, specializing in an area where relief is desperately needed yet hardly available—and never for such an affordable price. The truth is, any average American can easily face tax issues, whether it's an issue with their retirement account paying out properly, paying out-of-state taxes as an interstate worker, or making sure that a capital gains tax is paid properly. 

Receiving a threatening letter from the IRS or incurring tax penalties can be overwhelming, which is why Community Tax is here to advocate on your behalf. Community Tax helps consumers settle large sums of IRS and State tax debt and avoid additional penalties or fees by negotiating with the IRS, ensuring that clients receive the best relief package for their particular situation. 

Community Tax has earned 5-star Google and TrustPilot reviews for a reason—their transparent, trustworthy two-phase resolution process involves a phone consultation, a thorough investigation, and a comfortable resolution that will leave you tax-debt-free. Rather than asking for a large fee upfront, Community Tax assesses your tax and financial situation for a nominal fee, then receives additional payment once adequate services are completed. All of this is in consideration of the consumer, making Community Tax an affordable option for anyone facing serious tax payments and penalties. 

If you're still wondering whether Community Tax is worth it, just consider what a tax specialist can help you do: they can help with penalty abatement, for example. With penalty abatement assistance, the added penalties to tax obligations may be removed, providing unexpected relief to an overburdened debtor. Community Tax is genuinely here to help your tax situation, keeping you informed about their actions and costs every step of the way. That's exactly why customer Richard Mayhew was "very happy with Community Tax: they did what they said, and kept me updated along the way." Because of Community Tax, Richard said his tax problem is finally over—and yours can be, too. 

Richard isn't the only one who trusts Community Tax: with four-star reviews from NerdWallet and RetirementLiving, Community Tax has established itself as a trusted leader in the tax resolution sector. If tax season and IRS calls are giving you undue stress, call on Community Tax to represent you and resolve your tax issues today.

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