While big data can have its downsides, the ability to find subtle patterns hidden deep in enormous collections of information is changing society. From how we manage our money to how we study our health, big data is becoming central to careers well beyond Silicon Valley. The 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Bundle gives you 113 hours of training to bring big data to any role. Valued at $3000, this bundle is on sale now for just $59.99.

Learn With Data

Taught by a team of big data experts, including entrepreneur Juan Galvan, the focus is on the practical. Each of the 15 courses is designed to build on one another, so if you're new to data science, you can start with the basics, while more experienced professionals can brush up before moving on to advanced topics.

The bundle starts by laying out the fundamentals of data science, including what programming languages you'll use, methodologies, code libraries, and even building your own chatbot. If you're good at Excel, a course uses spreadsheets to look at how Python programming handles data. Next you can delve into the mathematics behind big data, and if you're thinking of switching jobs, another course lays out what it takes to follow your passion.

Building With Data

For those already familiar with the basics, the bundle offers detailed looks at the state of the art. If you're using Python, you can take a deep dive into how it uses data, then pick up skills in NumPy, data analysis, and advanced data types.

For a more mathematical approach, there are courses that discuss the R programming language and clustering analysis in MATLAB. Other courses look at Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Qlikview, Flume, and Sqoop. There's even a certification program with code-along projects to apply your knowledge and show your data mastery.

Get the 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Bundle for $59.99 (reg. $3000).


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