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Protect Yourself and Others With This Personal Air Purifying Shield

VYZRTech's personal shield is a substantial upgrade to the face shield and mask.

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If 2020 has a symbol, it’s probably the face mask. Yet while masks are highly effective tools, especially when paired with a face shield, they’re not perfect. And many are hesitant to use PPE when there’s even the possibility of shortages for doctors, nurses, and first responders who need it more.

This is where VYZRTech’s personal air purifying shield can help. Currently available for $360, it’s designed to protect both you and those around you.

Why Do Shields Work?

To understand why, it’s worth remembering why masks work in the first place. Many infections are communicated via respiratory droplets: When we talk, laugh, sing, or yell, we’re spraying microdroplets everywhere. That’s why even a simple cloth mask is so useful; it catches these droplets and keeps them from floating into the airways of other people. It’s also reusable and reserves disposable PPE for those who most need it.

And the more layers between you and the other person, the safer it is for them, so adding a face shield offers more protection for those around you. Paired with approaches like social distancing and staying outdoors as much as possible when out in public, it can greatly drive down the rate of infection.


However, as has become clear, masks have a few drawbacks. Most masks, especially cloth masks, don’t have a tight seal, making it easier for pathogens to go around the mask. And some masks may even be harmful by spreading droplet particles farther or more easily. Even touching your face may reduce the effectiveness of your mask.

If you’re concerned about particulate matter or pollution, there aren’t many reusable options. In fact, so many disposable masks are thrown out each day, it’s created an environmental crisis.

Add to this the smaller day-to-day nuisances. They cover a large part of the face, making it difficult to read facial expressions and even frustrating members of the deaf community relying on lip-reading to better communicate. It can become humid behind the mask, increasing moisture on the skin and raising the chances of “maskne.” And then there’s that moment when you put on your mask, and your glasses fog up.

None of this makes it worth not wearing a mask; it’s about protecting those around you, after all. But you have to wonder if there’s a better way.


Building A Better Shield

This personal air purifying shield was designed to address all these problems.

  • The large, clear plastic 360-degree shield leaves your vision unobstructed while also allowing your full face to be seen, making it easier to communicate.
  • The design is lightweight, at just 2.7 pounds, washable, and can be easily sized to fit almost anyone. It even has a convenient pocket both front and back, making it easy to keep things handy while also out of your personal space.
  • The rechargeable power source offers eight hours of continuous operation, meaning you can go about your day with confidence that you’ll be protected.
  • The air purifying system, driven by a quiet motor-powered fan, filters air through a KN95 filter to stop airborne germs, particulate matter, pollutants, and anything else you don’t want in your lungs. Each filter lasts for up to 60 hours of operation.
  • Built-in reversible gloves make it easy to adjust your glasses, take out your headphones, and otherwise touch your face without compromising your airways.

Working together and protecting others is going to be key to ultimately bringing the world back to normal. The VYZR Air Purifying Shield helps make that happen while offering another effective tool for personal and public health.

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