While the internet has by and large been a force for good for most of us, it's also made the data we generate more vulnerable to both criminals and snoops that track where you go and what you do online. A virtual private network, or VPN, keeps them both out and right now, you can save 20% on an already discounted one-year subscription to NordVPN, one of the top-rated VPNs on the market with code NORD20.

How VPNs Work

Your privacy more or less stops the minute you connect to the internet. Your internet service provider can easily track where you go and what you do; after all, your traffic is going through their servers. VPNs restore your privacy as you use your internet connect to go to their servers, and then browse the web. The paper trail stops at the VPN, making it harder to track you online.

NordVPN Goes Beyond

NordVPN doesn't stop there, though. It sends all data through private tunnels, using double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption to protect traffic from outside observation. With 3,521 servers in 61 countries, you get a high speed connection that allows you to maintain your privacy while accessing your video and music streaming accounts on the go, getting around burdensome geographical restrictions for the content you've paid for.

It also has some of the best uptime of any VPN on the market, with a zero logging policy to prevent any record of your traffic. And if a connection to their server drops, it automatically shuts down your site so that your data is protected. That extra care is why NordVPN has collected awards and top ratings, including five stars from Trustpilot and CNET and PC Mag's rarely bestowed "Outstanding" ranking. 

Get a one-year subscription to NordVPN for $47.20 (reg. $286) with code NORD20.

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