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Protect Your Privacy Online With A Two-Year Subscription To NordVPN

Your data is constantly being collected. A VPN helps you keep snoops out.

May 13 by Futurism Creative
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In an era of data breaches and experts wondering if your very thoughts could be filed in a database for sale somewhere as new technologies catch on, it pays to think about privacy. Virtual private networks (VPNs) help keep your data yours, and one of the best-reviewed VPNs, NordVPN, currently has a two-year subscription for $89, 68% off, and $10 in store credit.

VPNs protect your data by directing all your traffic through their servers, instead of through your internet service provider’s data farms. Even with protections on your device, your ISP can gather information such as your location, where you go online, what days and times you log in, and more, which can then be shared or sold to, well, pretty much anybody.

With VPNs, that trail stops at their server and anybody tracking you hits a blank wall. VPN servers are also located across the globe, making it easy to get around “geofencing” and access the streaming services and content you can be locked out of when you go on vacation.

NordVPN makes it more secure with next-generation encryption, obfuscated servers, IP masking, and compatibility with tools such as The Onion Router to add more layers of security. This all works in the background as you chat, stream, download, and work with lightning speed, and NordVPN functions across up to six of your devices, anywhere you go, with more than 5,000 servers you can access around the globe. That’s part of the reason it’s racked up awards and top ratings, including five stars from Trustpilot and CNET and PC Mag’s rarely bestowed “Outstanding” ranking.


Usually, it’d cost $286 for two years of protection. Yet right now, you can have two years of peace of mind for just $89, 68% off the MSRP, and in addition, you’ll get $10 in credit at the store.

Prices subject to change.

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