Most people assume hackers and data breaches are the biggest threat to their online privacy. And while both are certainly a big problem, your digital information is at risk from a much more insidious threat. In fact, if your personal information is floating around on the web, the vast majority of it probably came straight from you.

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Every time you buy something online, create a new account, or even click on a Facebook link, you are handing out little pieces of your personal information. These little bits of info are then collected by data brokers who then piece them all together to create comprehensive digital profiles containing your age, race, gender, height, weight, phone number, email address, physical address, marital status, occupation, income, investments, net worth, home ownership status, religious affiliation, political affiliation, product preferences, and even health issues. The brokers then sell these profiles to online marketers.

It sounds shady, but in most cases, it’s all perfectly legal. Everything is right there in the fine print that most of us don’t read. Unfortunately, the only 100-percent fool proof solution is to stop going online. However, since that's probably not feasible, the next best thing is to keep your information off the most popular data broker sites with a service like DeleteMe.

DeleteMe - Privacy Protection Services (Use Promo Code "FUTURISM20" For 20-Percent Off)

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DeleteMe does exactly what its name suggests. When you sign up, their trained internet privacy experts search for and delete your personal information from dozens of leading data broker sites. DeleteMe then sends you a detailed removal report within seven days, giving you a comprehensive rundown of exactly what information was removed as well as the databases which it was removed from. After that, they monitor and remove your information on a quarterly basis for the duration of your subscription.

100-Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply put, DeleteMe is the fastest and simplest way to prevent people from profiting off your identity and ensure that your info doesn’t fall into more nefarious hands. And their outstanding customer support and 100-percent satisfaction guarantee provide peace of mind other services simply can't match.

DeleteMe is currently available in both one and two-year subscriptions, with plans that cover one, two, or four people. They also offer a plan for forward-thinking businesses that want to offer online privacy protection plans as a benefit for their employees.

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So if you want to get serious about online privacy, but drastic options like quitting social media or online shopping are not a realistic option, click here to take a long hard look at DeleteMe.

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