We all knew it was coming (no pun intended). Pornhub, the world's biggest adult site, has become the first to offer free 360-degree virtual reality content to users. We're all curious: How does VR porn compare to the real deal?

According to this Gizmodo writer, Adam Clark Estes, it's actually really weird and not at all sexy. He tried the new site using iOS and Android. Estes described the demo video as "not exactly virtual reality, as the footage wasn't entirely 3D."

Instead, the video focuses more on point of view— it looks like you're there, but doesn't feel like you're there—although achieving that would take more than just a pair of VR glasses. Estes also comments that the demo video was blurry and the perspective seemed skewed at times.

The VR site just went live on Pornhub—they're even giving away 10,000 free Google Cardboard-type devices if you sign up. So feel free to reschedule your afternoon priorities and check out the NSFW side of VR. 

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