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Play More Games On PlayStation Plus While Learning To Make Your Own

There's a game for almost every taste. This bundle helps you find them, and build your own as well.

May 23 by Futurism Creative
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Video games manage to be high tech, big business, and serious art, and sometimes all three at once. Whether you want to better understand the games you play or think you can do the current scene one better, the Unity Game Developer Bundle features ten courses, and a year of PlayStation Plus, to prove it.

PlayStation Plus not only lets you play online multiplayer, but it also offers two free games a month, 100GB of cloud saves, and the ability to pass the controller to a friend to try a game out, even if they don’t own it. That makes it a good entry point to find, and try, different games as you learn how to build your own.

The courses in this bundle are taught by the team at Mammoth Interactive, which draws on the extensive coding and game design experience of its team to make coding fun, and ZENVA Interactive, which aims to make it easy to pick up new coding skills and learn from scratch. Together, they’ve taught over 1,500,000 students how to turn their dreams into strings of code they can play.

Each of the ten courses focuses on code-along projects in the popular free game development suite Unity, exploring a specific genre, such as stealth or first-person shooters. You’ll learn how each is coded in Unity and where other popular game development tools, such as Blender, come into play in the process. Along the way, you’ll learn how the Unity development environment treats artificial intelligence and how to create effective, fun multiplayer experiences.


If you’re looking to learn to code or want to see how to make art with games, this bundle will give you the tools to make it happen. While a year of PlayStation Plus costs $59.99, this bundle can be had for just $69.99, or an additional $10 for these courses.

Prices subject to change.

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