The Oculus Rift is legendary. In many ways, it kickstarted the present virtual reality (VR) revolution, but more than that, it left its mark on the major crowdfunding site Kickstarter, standing as its most successful VR campaign ever. Ultimately, it raised over $2.4 million, which was contributed by 9,522 backers.

That is, it was the most successful, until the OSSIC X.

OSSIC just raised more than $2.7 million from 10,000 backers for their 3D immersive-sound headphones called the OSSIC X, making it the new king of VR on Kickstarter. In time for this achievement, OSSIC has also announced a partnership with another legendary company: Abbey Road Studios.

OSSIC says that the partnership will give them access to “some of the best audio engineers in the world, who will be providing feedback and guidance on the OSSIC X headphones as they develop.”

The company is now accepting pre-orders for the OSSIC X, which will cost $299. Headphones for backers will start shipping in January 2017. If you didn’t make it in time for the Kickstarter campaign, pre-ordering will get you your own pair as early as February 2017.

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