Riding Across A Country In Your Living Room

Imagine that it's so cold outside, that your thick, floor-length winter coat isn't even providing enough warmth. For some people comfortable with embracing freezing temperatures, it might not be so bad. But for the rest of us, there is probably no way that we'd even step outside, not even to get the mail.

In January, that is what it's like in the UK, frigid and unforgiving. But a man named Aaron Puzey decided to slip on his sneakers and ride his bike the entire length of the UK. That's 900 miles, all while burning 50,000 calories. How did he accomplish this? How did he not freeze to death? Simply, by using virtual reality (VR).

Aaron Puzey. Photo Credit: Robert Perry

A Bluetooth cadence monitor, an exercise bike, and Samsung's Gear VR made this virtual experience come to life. For this experience, Puzey even developed his own app called CycleVR, which uses data from Google Streetview to show the entire route that he took in 360 degrees.

The Future of CycleVR

As of now, CycleVR is not perfect, but Puzey is working on improving the app, re-coding the software to make it easier for those with simulation sensitivities. If successful, his invention could be an addition to the emerging VR technology that is transforming the world, up there with easing the pain of patients and providing a realistic experience to advance knowledge of our bodies. VR technology is a new, but quickly blossoming industry that holds incredible potential, now including the capacity to bike for hundreds of miles without ever leaving your living room. While VR technology like this is currently used mostly for games and recreational activities, the potential applications could range from medical advancements to research advantages, and even military uses.



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