• One key reason to doubt the finding is that the researcher, Rene Anand, hasn't published his results yet. He merely presented them at a military health research meeting in Florida. He addressed these concerns by noting that he plans to commercialize the technology before sharing its details with the world.
  • New Scientist talked to other researchers in the field and they were dubious. One said: "There is no evidence that [Anand] has done this." Another added: "It would have helped Anand’s case if he had followed standard scientific procedures and published these findings instead of seeking to immediately monetize them."
  • Although Anand is a confirmed researcher at Ohio State, there's still a big reason why he might overstate his findings for press and hype: he's trying to raise money. Last October, Anand formed a GoFundMe -- as previously reported by Futurism -- which only raised $960. From the page: "A legitimately [sic] question you may have is why am I asking for donations when there is nearly $30 billion dollars in research money available at the federal level?" He never answers that question.

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