Enhancing the 'Cinema' Experience

Oculus VR understands that watching movies is a social activity, and in line with this they have announced that they'll be adding social elements to Oculus Cinema. Founder Palmer Luckey shares that they want "to replicate the experience of being in a movie theater with all your friends," and so the company plans to add avatar and communication systems that will enable not just local, but long-distance multiplayer interactions. Oculus Cinema on Oculus Rift will have more built-in social features compared to its release on Gear VR, but they have not yet announced if the social features will work cross platform.

Oculus Rift's Commercial Release

Expectations are high for the Oculus Rift's commercial release, as analysts project that 5 millions units of the VR headset will be sold once it launches in 2016. This is based on the estimated retail price of $350, but the analysts expect Facebook to price it at cost first in order to drive initial consumer adoption "with the expectation that the company plans to monetize the devices overtime via associated software revenue."

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