Gamers rejoice! Spaceship dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie will come with the Oculus Rift headset when it launches at the start of 2016.

Valkyrie was developed by CCP, the creators of the popular EVE: Online space MMO videogame. "We want to be the Halo or Mario for the PlayStation VR and Oculus,” said Valkyrie executive producer Owen O’Brien in an interview with Engadget.

For many early adopters of VR in the coming year, Valkyrie will be their first taste of next-gen VR gaming. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey says that Valkyrie captures the immersiveness of VR gaming, adding that "multiplayer space dogfights is the ultimate VR thrill."

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Although Valkyrie will not be the only game available when the Oculus Rift launches, it will come pre-installed in the headset, much in the same way that Tetris came with the Gameboy and Halo came with the Xbox. The game is not an Oculus exclusive and also will be a launch title for the Playstation VR when it launches sometime next year.

There is currently no word on how much the Rift will cost on launch date nor the complete specs of the device.

Nathan Ingraham describes his experience with the game: "Valkyrie feels like a polished, relatively complete experience. Even something as simple as the menu screen felt familiar. Like the kind of thing I might find playing a regular game. We don't play games for their menus, though. This preview threw me right into a five-on-five space dogfighting deathmatch, and the game uses VR well right off the bat. The feeling of your ship taking off and blasting out of the launch tube into the vast expanse of space is a pretty wonderful intro, and then you have a few blissful seconds to look around the level before you run into your competitors and must start fighting to stay alive."

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