IQ Boost

CES 2016 saw another breakthrough in self-driving technology unveiled. This time from NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) as they unveiled NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, arguably the world’s most powerful engine for in-vehicle artificial intelligence to date.


The technology sees the use of artificial intelligence to take on the  complexities that are inherent in autonomous driving through deep learning anchored on NVIDIA’s advanced GPUs. This allows 360 degree situational awareness, letting a vehicle assess and determine where a car can have the safest and most comfortable trajectory.

"Drivers deal with an infinitely complex world," said Jen-Hsun Huang, co founder and CEO, NVIDIA. "Modern artificial intelligence and GPU breakthroughs enable us to finally tackle the daunting challenges of self-driving cars.”


"NVIDIA's GPU is central to advances in deep learning and supercomputing. We are leveraging these to create the brain of future autonomous vehicles that will be continuously alert, and eventually achieve superhuman levels of situational awareness. Autonomous cars will bring increased safety, new convenient mobility services and even beautiful urban designs -- providing a powerful force for a better future," asserts Huang.

NVIDIA’s DRIVE PX 2 offers unprecedented amounts of processing power for deep learning, which is allegedly comparable to more than a hundred MacBook Pros. It has two next generation Tegra processors and next generation discrete GPSs that can deliver up to 24 trillion deep learning operations per second. This helps  accelerate the math used in deep learning network inference.

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