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These Euphoric Beverages Are Non Alcoholic Drinks Designed for Social Drinkers

Kin euphorics offer all the social benefits of alcohol with none of the downsides.

Jan 12 by Futurism Creative
Image by Kin

It’s 2021, and as with every new year, everyone is making various new year’s resolutions to try and improve their lives. One relatively commonplace way of doing that is to quit drinking alcohol, but that can be easier said than done, especially for social drinkers. But luckily, thanks to non alcoholic Kin brand euphoric beverages, you can maintain the treasured rituals and social benefits of alcohol with none of the downsides.

Kin euphorics are unique, alcohol-free beverages made with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics that confer a variety of pleasant, euphoric sensations and allow you to indulge in richer, more rewarding socializing. You get a boost to your mood without any blurs, blackouts, hangovers, or any of the negative health effects of regular alcohol use.

There are three varieties of Kin euphorics available now, each one with their own unique flavors and benefits. In case you’ve never tried Kin before, here’s a brief rundown:

Non Alcoholic Kin Spritz


Kin Spritz is the euphoric, non-alcoholic answer to the traditional spritz cocktail. Fresh citrus, warm spice, hibiscus, and ginger come together for a flavor you’ll be happy to enjoy all on its own at any social function. It’s Kin’s most popular blend.


High Rhode


Kin’s smooth mixer High Rhode has a tart, floral flavor that’s just as versatile as Spritz, but with a more substantial drinking experience. Mix with whatever you like and enjoy a fresh take on fun — even when social distancing is still advisable.

Dream Light


The ideal bedtime euphoric is Kin’s Dream Light, which as its name suggests, is engineered to send you off to Slumberland for a pleasant night’s rest. Earthy and smoky to the taste, Dream Light is best enjoyed right before bed, as you probably guessed.

Selecting the best Kin product for you is a personal matter, but if you’re interested in a total, complete Kin experience there’s the $149 Ritual Bundle that includes all three Kin beverage varieties, plus a collection of 36 sensorial-steeped cards for personal enlightenment, a ritual candle, a list of essential provisions to complement your drinks, and a chance to visualize your deepest desires with a letter to your future self. That’s in addition to a 500mL bottle of High Rhode, a 500mL bottle of Dream Light, and a 20-pack of Kin Spritz. But if you just want the extras you can get them all without the Kin euphorics by purchasing the Kindling Kit for $47 — a 22-percent discount.

Whatever Kin euphorics products you’re most interested in, you can find what you need at the Kin online store. If quitting hangovers and blackouts without quitting the enjoyable social aspects of alcohol sounds like a good way to kick off 2021, there’s no better time than the present to give Kin a try.


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