Nokia announced its 360-degree VR camera late last month, and now they’re adding one more vital feature: The ability to broadcast live virtual reality footage. Nokia is adding the new option to broadcast 360-degree video and it will even feature spatial audio.

But don’t get too excited. It’s not as simple as picking up a new GoPro camera. The Ozo will set you back a cool $60,000—making it almost exclusively available to broadcasters and professional streaming providers.

You can learn more about the tech in the video below.

All that said, you can get your hands on the Ozo Creator tool, which will be available for free this month. The tool features VR stitching, making it much easier to make seamless 360-degree videos.

Nokia is also releasing a VR player developer kit this spring, which lets developers add VR playback to their apps. With VR hitting the mainstream by storm, Nokia is taking a big step towards a world of widespread live VR.

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