As cameras have wound up everywhere, we've been scanning everything we can, from documents to our own eyeballs. Yet too often we just grab a snap of a crucial note or receipt when we can do a lot more with it. The iScanner app for iOS puts a scanner in your pocket, making your notes, snaps, and more a far more useful resource.

A Scanner For Everything

Rated the  #1 Scanning App on App Store with 4.8/5 stars, 70M+ downloads, iScanner works by using optical character recognition, or OCR. OCR predates even computers; early versions of the technology were developed in the 1910s to speed up telegraphs and help people with visual impairments access printed materials.

Now, paired with AI and machine learning, OCR turns most text into data that can be searched, copied, shared, and otherwise made use of as if you'd typed it into a document yourself, while sparing you the transcription chores.

Scan and Go

iScanner is built to make OCR part of your workday, by automating daily tasks. For example, you can scan a form, and it will automatically pick out what needs to be filled in and signed so you can square that away, and then email it or use email-to-fax to get that document out the door. Then you can file it as a PDF or JPG for your records. Do the same thing with your meeting notes and they'll be fully searchable, helping to get things done on the job.

In addition to document features, iScanner can make providing identity documents for employers or travel a snap, can count similar objects if you take a photo with them, read simple math expressions and provide you the answers, and even tell you the total area of a surface. It makes your iPhone into a productivity tool, so you can get what you most need done.

Get a lifetime subscription to the iScanner app for iOS for $39.99 (reg. $199), 79% off.

Prices subject to change.

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