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Yet another wave of COVID-19 cases, more lockdowns, and more people landing in the hospitals — and nobody knows how long it'll go on.

Understandably, some people are really starting to lose their minds. During a Dallas City Hall's open mic session earlier this month, for instance, a YouTuber named Alex Stein took to the stage and used over two minutes of his allotted time to serenade council members with a highly questionable pro-vaccination rap.

According to Newsweek, it was far from the first time Stein made an appearance at city council meetings.

While we of course agree with Stein's general sentiment, the message could've been conveyed more tastefully and musically. After all, though, we all find different ways to cope with the misery of yet another wave of COVID.

"Dr. Fauci, give me that ouchy," Stein blurted while wearing medical scrubs in the viral video.

The YouTuber had a bigger message to send to Dallas City Council as well.

"I'm here today because we gotta vaccinate our children, you know, we really don't have enough vaccines, like they're not mandatory, and that's the problem, we've gotta mandate these vaccines," he told the small crowd before breaking into song.

Due to technical difficulties, Stein had to resort to performing a cappella.

"Will the real Dr. Fauci please stand up, please stand up, please stand up," Stein rapped.

"Vaccinate your body," he continued. "Vaccinate me at the party. Vaccination free. Vaccination freak-a-leak."

It's difficult to get through the two plus minutes of verbal diarrhea without physically cringing — but we appreciate Stein's efforts nonetheless.

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