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In a bizarre medical oddity, a study published in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases has revealed that a German man managed to get injected an astonishing 217 times with the COVID vaccine over the course of 29 months, and yet appears to suffer no ill effects from his run of vaccinemaxxing.

The man told the team of German researchers that he had "deliberately and for private reasons" sought the jab on so many occasions.

After getting wind about this weird case of "hypervaccination," the researchers sought permission to study the man, running tests to see what impact all those vaccines had on him. At the time, he had 216 shots under his belt. Researchers then gave him his 217th shot for the purpose of the study.

The man, who has never gotten sick from COVID, had zero reported ill effects from all the vaccines he received. The doctors did find that there was an increase in viral immune cells and antibodies against the COVID virus.

"It should go without saying that we do not endorse hypervaccination," the paper's principal investigator Kilian Schober posted on X-formerly-Twitter. "Putative positive immunological effects cannot be justified by the number of medical interventions that each vaccination represents."

The man's case was so extreme that it prompted local investigators to see if the man was committing fraud for people who were required to get vaccinated but wanted to avoid it, according to German media cited by The Guardian. Investigators ultimately dropped the case.

There's scant information on why he got so many vaccines beyond the study, but The Guardian reports that some people speculated that he had "paranoid hypochondria" or was obsessed with needles.

Regardless, the man's unique situation shows that there's extremely little to fear from the jab — though something tells us it won't stop any conspiracy theories currently out there.

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