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Soylent Noodles

Nissin, the company behind one prominent line of instant ramen noodle packets, is poised to launch a new "All-In Noodles" product that, it says, fully satisfies a typical person's nutritional requirements.

Now, if you wanted to live off of an all-noodle diet, the new line of instant ramen packets could fulfill your daily requirements for vitamins, minerals, and protein if eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, according to SoraNews24 — meaning the future of quick eats could be people slurping down noodles.

Noodle Tech

Nissin isn’t the first company to try its hand at cheap, easy meal replacements — we all had to endure the brief period when every tech bro had to share his views on the meal-replacement beverage Soylent. But since living off of ramen is already a widespread meme, it's possible this is the one that takes off after its August 19 launch date.

The All-In Noodles have nutrient-rich cores coated in classic ramen noodles, according to SoraNews. As such, they'll take a few more minutes to cook.

Our main question, though, is how they'll pair with a nice chilled mug of Mountain Dew Code Red.

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