Two federal agencies are pointing the finger at pharmaceutical companies for massively under-producing Adderall. Along with one brave (and lone) senator, they're imploring them to step up their game.

As Le Grande Observer reports, Washington state senator Ron Wyden, is royally pissed about the (entirely) avoidable shortage after the FDA and DEA jointly condemned Big Pharma for underselling the drug to the tune of one billion doses.

On August 1st, the agencies announced a DEA investigation found manufacturers of the ADHD medication only sold 70 percent of its government-imposed quota in 2022, which meant that "there were approximately 1 billion more doses that they could have produced but did not make or ship," emphasis ours. Yes: A billion.

And the same trend appears to have continued into 2023. The DEA and FDA are urging manufacturers to either increase their production, or give up their spot as makers of the coveted drug.

Following the shocking flash-in-the-pan news, Wyden said that although he's "glad to see [the statement] out and the clarity it provides around the quota allotment issue," the shortage debacle is far from over.

"It’s clear that manufacturers have work to do in easing this crisis," the senator told the Le Grande Observer. "They need to either produce more or let other manufacturers do it, and make sure the DEA and FDA have the information they need."

Besides commentary from junior representative Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), Wyden has been mostly alone in his quest for answers and accountability behind the amphetamine salt shortage that has impacted people with ADHD oh look a cat video for going on a year.

In his own letter, the Oregonian Democrat demanded that Adderall manufacturers explain why, exactly, they haven't met their quotas and what they plan to do to fix the problem — a rare show to strength against an industry that has funded candidates across the political spectrum, including, surprisingly, Sens. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

While we still don't know why manufacturers didn't fill their Adderall quotas, this statement from the DEA and FDA, at the very least, identifies drug manufacturers as the sources of the problem. Having a senator holding Big Pharma's feet to the fire will hopefully help alleviate this drug crisis, too.

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