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An administrator for an anti-quarantine Facebook group in North Carolina, a local woman named Audrey Whitlock, confirmed that she tested positive for COVID-19, local news station ABC11 reports.

Whitlock, fortunately, says that she self-quarantined for the recommended 14 days after the positive test results.

The news comes after North Carolina governor Roy Cooper extended stay-at-home orders in the state until at least May 8.

Stay-at-home orders have been implemented to slow down the spread of the virus and ensure that hospitals don't get overwhelmed. While the US has arguably managed to "flatten the curve," keeping the virus from coming back will prove to be far more difficult, according to experts.

The Facebook group "Reopen NC," where Whitlock was an administrator, organized a protest outside the North Carolina General Assembly last Tuesday, drawing about 300 people, many of which followed social distancing guidelines, according to ABC11. At the time of writing, the group has just over 70,000 members.

An April 14 protest by the same group ended up in at least one arrest after some protesters refused to leave a parking lot, as Newsweek reports.

Whitlock did not comment on whether she attended the event. A different administrator told ABC11 that she wasn't there.

Local governing bodies were not impressed.

North Carolina Democratic Party communications director Austin Cook released a statement that read: "The fringe ReOpen NC group continues to demonstrate a jaw dropping lack of social responsibility and a complete disregard for our first responders and health workers on the front lines of this crisis."