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Just when you think she can't outdo herself, she does.

Oscar-winning actress, Goop founder, and candlemaker Gwyneth Paltrow is back on the oversharing circuit once again, sending the internet ablaze this morning after admitting on a podcast — a Dear Media show called "The Art of Being Well," of course — that the "weirdest" thing she's ever done for the sake of "wellness" is... rectal ozone therapy.

"I have used ozone therapy, rectally," she told podcast host Will Cole, a "functional medicine expert" and one of Paltrow's official "Goopfellas."

"Can I say that? It's pretty weird," she continued while laughing. "But it's been very helpful."

Now, if you're wondering: "hmm, could that be what it sounds like?" the answer, unfortunately, is yes. Rectal ozone therapy is quite literally the act of putting unregulated, experimental ozone — which is regarded by the FDA as a "toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy"— up one's butt.

In other words, Paltrow is literally blowing air up her behind for no apparent reason. Life's short, you know?

To Paltrow's credit, ozone therapy does have a lot of fans in the alternative medicine world. Medical-grade ozone is essentially a supercharged triple-oxygen molecule, and proponents claim that administering the gas helps to oxygenate the body, and thus helps to boost the immune system, promote cellular regeneration, and aid wound healing, among other benefits.

Some do it intravenously or rub it on their skin, others blow the gas into their body with wands — probably what Paltrow had to do.

Things got so out of hand during the pandemic, the FDA actually had to crack down on wellness clinics that marketed ozone as a COVID-19 treatment.

But within the actual medical establishment, it's mostly just used as a cleaning agent. Worse yet, in its warning about the therapy, the FDA found that ozone has been reported to cause "undesirable physiological effects on the central nervous system, heart, and vision," while "the predominant physiological effect of ozone is primary irritation of the mucous membranes." In other words, it can seriously mess with your lungs.

"There may potentially be a role for ozone therapy someday, but right now it hasn't been studied enough," said Cleveland Clinic pulmonologist Vickram Tejwani, as quoted by the Cleveland Clinic back in December in an article on the dangers of alternative ozone use. "We need more data on the potential side effects, which could be severe, before we start offering it as a mainstream therapy or treatment."

So, you know, take all of this as you will. Paltrow certainly doesn't let the FDA stop her — nor does she let the haters.

"For years, it still hurts your feelings," the actress said in the podcast episode while discussing public scrutiny of her personal health choices. "I just let it go, because I realized you're never, ever going to be able to win everybody over. And the pursuit of trying to win somebody over is so awful."

Oh, and by the way, if you're not as #well as she is? Better pull yourself up by your bootstraps, kid.

"Why do we have so much obesity, depression, and type-2 diabetes?" an incredulous Paltrow told the podcast host, apparently forgetting that poverty and food deserts exist. "We all have so much agency, we have autonomy over our bodies. What we put into our bodies… when we have a certain degree of mastery of ourselves, we can really start to change our lives and feel really good."

Life-changing advice or is Paltrow — in the most literal of ways — blowing smoke up our behinds? We'll let you, dear reader, decide.

As always, Ms. Paltrow, thank you for the insight.

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