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It's been more than six decades since James Watson and Francis Crick unlocked the mystery of DNA’s double-stranded helix. And in that time, humanity's understanding of genetics has grown at an unprecedented rate, advancing to the point where anyone can unlock the mysteries of their own genetic code with a simple store-bought test. More importantly, this readily-available information can now be used to detect genetic diseases, and help individuals optimize their health by making specific lifestyle choices based on their DNA.

When it comes to choosing a commercial DNA test, there are many solid options. But when choosing a test specifically to gain health-related data, Helix stands out from the pack. What separates Helix from its competitors is that it offers an entire marketplace of customized DNA research from trusted third-party vendors. Customers simply complete an initial genetic test with Helix, and then order additional, customized tests from third-party vendors who will use the same sample.

As a result, users are able to obtain specific, relevant information based on their own healthcare needs. Helix and its partners then use this information to provide customers with “actionable insights” so they can make the optimal lifestyle choices that fit their unique situations. So if you're interested in using your own DNA to unlock the secrets of a healthier lifestyle, sign up for Helix, today. And then check out the wide array of additional health-related tests that Helix has to offer, some of which we've listed below.

Mayo Clinic GeneGuide™


A team of physicians, medical geneticists, and genetic counselors from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic created this product to provide the genetic health insights you need to improve your health. It gives a detailed explanation of how your own DNA can affect your overall health, along with personalized insights and interactive tools for exploring information in your DNA. This includes carrier screenings, disease risk assessment, family health history, and other vital information that will optimize your health.

Beat Your Genes: Nutrition and Diet Coaching


Using your genetic data as a guide, Beat Your Genes works with a registered dietitian to outline a weight-loss strategy tailored to your specific needs. This includes one-on-one coaching via an in-depth phone consultation, and a detailed report with actionable next steps and advice based on your genetic makeup. You'll also receive personalized nutrition insights to further assist you in meeting and maintaining your weight-loss goals.



While it's obviously important to be proactive about your own health, CarrierCheck will help you discover how your DNA may affect the health of your family and future children. The test will screen your DNA for 67 different inherited conditions, and provide you with easy-to-understand results. If need be, a genetic counselor will also explain the specifics of your report, and provide access to other educational resources so you can further research any genetic conditions CarrierCheck may discover.

Heart Optimizer: Genetics and Nutrition Coaching


The Heart Optimizer combines your Helix DNA report with more than 40 different blood markers, as well as a detailed lifestyle analysis including factors such as sleep and stress. This allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of how your DNA may impact your overall heart health, potentially causing issues such as a predisposition for high LDL (bad cholesterol), low HDL (good cholesterol), or high triglycerides. Based on the results of the test, a registered dietitian will also outline personal heart-health strategies that meet your specific needs.

Fitness Buddy: All-Access Premium


The Fitness Buddy: All-Access Premium assesses your genetics to determine the most effective exercises and personalized workouts for optimizing your physical fitness. Are you at high risk for stress fractures and Achilles injuries? Are your muscles better suited for power activities or endurance exercises? How does your body react to caffeine and saturated fat? Fitness Buddy answers all of these questions, and many more, to give you the most complete picture possible.



Studies have shown getting adequate sleep is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So for anyone interested in understanding more about their own sleeping habits, MySleepInsights might have the answer. The test reveals how an individual's genetic makeup may influence their nightly sleep patterns via traits like snoring, day napping, etc., and gives specific tips on how to optimize their sleep schedule to best match their specific needs.

As a quick Google search will tell you, the consumer genetic testing market is bigger than ever, and continues to grow every day. So there's no shortage of brands to choose from. But as mentioned above, if you're looking for a flexible test that offers specific insights about various aspects of your health, Helix and its variety of third-party testing providers stand out from the crowd.

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