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Cure All

An Israeli pharmaceutical company is claiming it will have a "complete cure for cancer" within the next year.

The company is Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi), and based on the claims of its board chairman Dan Aridor, the treatment it's working on sounds nothing short of revolutionary.

"Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks, and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market," Aridor told The Jerusalem Post. "Our solution will be both generic and personal."

Multiple Levels

According to The Jerusalem Post, AEBi's cancer cure is called MuTaTo, which stands for "multi-target toxin." It attacks cancer cells with several peptides — compounds comprising chains of amino acids — at once, and this multi-pronged attack is key to the treatment's efficacy, the company says.

"We made sure that the treatment will not be affected by mutations; cancer cells can mutate in such a way that targeted receptors are dropped by the cancer," AEBi CEO Ilan Morad told the Post. "The probability of having multiple mutations that would modify all targeted receptors simultaneously decreases dramatically with the number of targets used."

"Instead of attacking receptors one at a time, we attack receptors three at a time," he continued. "Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at the same time.”

State of the Cure

Morad claims in the Post that AEBi has used its cancer treatment to inhibit human cancer cell growth in mice without affecting the animals' healthy cells at all. The company has also completed several in-vitro trials and will soon begin clinical trials, according to Morad. Those could wrap up within a few years, said AEBi's CEO, after which the treatment could be available in specific cases.

That's a lot of claims, but the Post article doesn't mention the existence of any peer-reviewed research that could back them up.

Clearly, the kind of treatment AEBi is proposing would be extraordinary — after all, cancer is the second most common cause of death across the globe. But we'll reserve our excitement until after this pharmaceutical company's cancer cure stands up to the scrutiny of the scientific community.

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