• The space agency is using glasses from Osterhout Design Group (ODG), a San Francisco-based company that develops wearables for enterprises and government use. NASA engineers and astronauts are set to test the company's smart glasses, which are equipped with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. The glasses are being tested using NASA applications and software.
  • Bolden also noted that astronauts on a journey to an asteroid or Mars could use the smart glasses to access chart, map and technical information, instead of having to carry many pounds of technical journals and papers with them.
  • Astronauts training to live and work on the International Space Station will use the smart glasses to practice maneuvering around the orbiting station. They also will use them to practice for future space walks. According to the team, the ODG glasses will get a weeklong test this summer when astronauts and mission control will work to simulate a mission to another planet.

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