NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) recently released awesome posters of our solar system, specifically designed at getting people to journey to the stars (or at least some nearby alien planets). "The Vision of the Future" series comprise of seven original posters. In addition to these, there are seven more posters for "Exoplanet Travel Bureau" that were published last year.

Notably, these posters are more than just fantastical imaginings. The designers who created these magnificent posters have been consulting with JPL scientists and engineers to make these tourism scenarios as realistic as they can possibly be. In short, it lets you see what the travel of tomorrow may look like.

The studio behind the work was founded more than a decade ago. The team has been helping NASA scientists bring out the more creative aspects of space exploration.

"We're huge science fiction fans, but sometimes it's positioned only in that way that it's science fiction," JPL designer David Delgado told him. "What’s kind of special is we're working with people who are actively trying to make these things come to life."

What does space tourism look like?

The poster showcasing our home planet Earth is a picture of relaxation and tranquility, what with all the trees, mountains, and rivers. The caption "Where the air is free and breathing is easy" definitely sells the planet to tourists. Who wouldn't want free air?

Jupiter's poster is beautifully done with shades of purple, and it shows several giant balloons floating around. Venus shimmers with a diamond-shaped observatory done in shades of pink, cloudy and dreamy.

Aside from familiar planets in our solar system, there posters for the exoplanet series did not disappoint. Kepler 16-B illustrates a man with two shadows, highlighting the two suns. Kepler 186f gives humor to its red surroundings ("where the grass is always redder on the other side").

Although these "tours" won't be available anytime soon, it is wonderful to look at these posters and dream about our future. Imaging how the next generation of mankind cruising around the solar system.

Have a peak at all the posters here.

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