It’s hard to imagine that it was only a little over two years ago that people were super excited over a 512 gigabyte SD card; especially when today’s technological advancements has just made it possible to pack a massive 1 terabyte of memory in those tiny things.

SanDisk’s SDXC is the latest answer to the world’s ever increasing demand for memory hungry apps and formats, especially with the addition of VR, 360-degree video and higher resolution images and videos.

Image Credit: Sandisk

Note that the card is still in its prototype phase. It was unveiled at Photonika 2016. SanDisk has yet to announce pricing or availability. Given the hefty price tag attached to the 512 GB card (available for $800), you can expect the 1TB card to be pretty expensive.

Still, it was only 16 years ago when the company first unveiled their 64 megabyte SD card. And their newest offering basically offers 16,384 times more storage than that. Regardless of when the card hits the market and how much you can get it for, just the fact that the possibility of a 1TB SD card option is now just around corner marks a major leap forward.

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