From tracking polar bears during climate change to a scanning the waters for drowning victims, MistyWest is making an impact.

MistyWest​ is a group of engineers, mathematicians, roboticists, physicists, scientists, designers, and researchers, (and even two on-staff corgis) who turn complex problems into innovative products for a positive future. Whether it’s improving the human condition, increasing sustainability, or otherwise moving us collectively to an inclusively abundant future, MistyWest is at the forefront of partnering on high-impact projects transforming our world.

Here's a quick overview of some ways MistyWest has partnered with organizations to make a global change:

  • As climate change progresses, the evolving behavioral and migration patterns of polar bears has made it difficult to reliably track their locations. WWF and IDEO reached out to MistyWest to design an Argos based tracking device to help solve this problem.
  •  TZOA wanted to develop a compact, multi-sensor device capable of monitoring indoor air quality and provide a platform for data aggregation, all while keeping the product at a consumer price of less than $200 a unit. MistyWest was excited to take on the challenge.
  • Based on technology invented by MIT, Superpedestrian founding members reached out to MistyWest to make the next generation prototype for the Copenhagen Wheel that was reliable and cost effective.

In 2016, MistyWest hosted the first ​FOUNDERS & FRIENDS event –​ a marquee, invite-only series catering to a high technology audience base with installations taking place globally from San Francisco to LA to Austin (and beyond).

FOUNDERS & FRIENDS brings in key players across many industries and creative fields, from design to high tech, investment to entrepreneurs-all with an agenda to do good. Previous partners and attendees include Google, MIT Media Lab, The Looking Glass Factory and more.

Far removed from bustling conference trade shows and awkward networking events, FOUNDERS & FRIENDS allows for a sense of curiosity and lively fun often missing at business events. Meshing interactive technology demos and art installations, along with live music, craft cocktails and carefully selected venues, partners and attendees call FOUNDERS & FRIENDS "their most impactful tool for making real connections in business and beyond."

If you're inspired by the good work MistyWest is doing, FOUNDERS & FRIENDS is coming to a city near you. Contact​ for more info.

Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with our partners at MistyWest. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff.

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