LucidCam introduces itself as "the world's first consumer 3D VR camera," and they recently launched a crowdfunding campaign with a $100,000 target on IndieGoGo. It is a pocket-sized 180-degree stereoscopic camera that can capture anything in 3D and FULL HD (30fps) at "1080p per eye video and 2k per eye photo quality." It is also easy-to-use as it only has one button for taking photos and videos - allowing it to also function as a simple point-and-shoot camera. Content can be easily edited in any editing software, and it can be shared and played in smartphones and VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. Livestreaming is also possible with an HDMI cable. If the crowdfunding campaign is a success, LucidCam will be shipped by July 2016.

Here's a preview of the actual device:

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