If you've used the internet today, you've almost certainly used Java. According to the TIOBE programming community index, which tracks how popular each programming language is, Java is consistently one of the top ten programming languages across the world. And if you're planning to join the ranks of coders, Java will need to be in your arsenal.

Java's popularity hinges on the fact that it's easy for computers to use; as long as there's a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, Java programs can function. It's also flexible, powerful, and, most importantly for those new to computer science and IT, simple to read and write once you understand the principles of computer science. That also makes it ideal for new programmers and those looking to refresh their skills to get up to speed with the 2020 Java Bootcamp Bundle, which is just $35.99 for a limited time.

Each course is roughly an hour, divided into 12 to 14 lessons, and has you learn by doing, so you're never lost in the code. And since the classes are short, it's ideal to get started on a career switch or brush-up with a minimum of time commitment.

Getting Started

Completely new to Java? Still not sure if a terminal is where you code or catch a plane? This bundle starts off with a detailed introduction to Java built for students who don't have a background in programming or computer science. It'll walk you through the Java environment, teach you how to write a basic program, and get you settled for future success.

Then you'll move on to Java Basics, which looks at the most useful Java syntax elements, how to write classes in Java, and the basics of object-oriented programming. Finally, you'll learn about Java objects and classes, and learn how to build programs.

Practical Uses

If you're comfortable with the basics, but need to learn how Java has changed since you've picked it up, or simply need to know how to apply the principles of programming to Java, more advanced courses are a good place to start.

You can start with a course on Comparisons & Control Structures, which will show you how a program "flows" through Java and how to direct it. From there, you'll explore arrays, which is how Java stores variables of the same type, which will push your Java programming to the next step. Finally, you'll learn how inheritance functions in Inheritance 101, which explores how Java uses hierarchies to keep the flow of information manageable and easier for human users to handle.

More Advanced Java

The final four courses explore more advanced Java techniques. Interfaces will teach you how to make programs anyone can interact with while tucking away the details behind the scenes. Exceptions Classes Explained will teach you how to program classes that, when extraordinary circumstances come up, keep the program running and the user happy, while also keeping those circumstances to an absolute minimum.

Collections 101 will introduce you to collections, which open the door to more efficient methods of storing and manipulating classes of objects to create faster, easier to use programs. And finally, you'll learn about Inner Classes, a powerful organizational tool to group classes that keeps your code clean, easy to read, and easier to use.

As you can see, Java is a flexible, powerful tool to add to your repertoire. Whether you're looking to pick up a new language to bolster your resume, or want to learn the engine behind your favorite websites, at 96% off, the 2020 Java Bootcamp Bundle will get you up to speed, fast.

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