Machine learning is already making our lives better, whether that's by spotting cancer or by making fun of billionaires. Yet it's still an intimidating topic, even for experienced coders. The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle breaks down how to make anybody a master of AI. Valued at $2,388, it's on sale now for just $36.99.

Real-World AI

Each course in this 79-hour bundle is taught by people who work with data and machine learning tools every day, from Minerva Singh, a Ph.D. using big data tools for tropical ecology work, to Juan Galvan, an entrepreneur who incorporates machine learning into his businesses.

Lectures are built as code-along training drawn from real world scenarios. You'll learn the theory behind each approach and then put it into action with practical ideas. You'll also find out how everyday coders handle problems in the workplace, to make you a more efficient programmer.

From Beginner to AI Master

If you're just starting in coding, the bundle opens with a complete instruction course on Python, with a focus on data science. Then, you'll move into applying those lessons to machine learning tasks, exploring back-end uses of machine learning and building an image-identification system from scratch.

As you become more fluent, you can move into lessons on data visualization and analysis, and frameworks such as Keras and Tensorflow. Knowing how to use these packages of code effectively will improve your projects while freeing up time for more complex code.

Once you're set with Python, there are several courses to explore in R, one of the most popular languages for data science. You'll learn how R works, how it's used for machine learning, and use the H20 framework to develop machine learning tools.

Finally, if you're looking to make machine learning a career, there's a complete course to prepare you for developer certification exams.

Get The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle for $36.99 (reg. $2,388).

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