While the hype is around AIs that program themselves, the demand for humans writing code is only growing and is going to keep growing as more industries add coding, machine learning, and other computer science skills to their core competencies.

The Learn Java Programming: From Beginner to Advanced Bundle helps anybody from absolute beginners to experienced coders add Java to their resumes. It's valued at $359 and on sale for just $39.99.

Java From First Principles

All 8 courses are taught by the team at Simpliv, an online learning community that actively recruits working experts in the field to teach their courses. Each course features code-along projects that help you apply the principles you learn to real life challenges.

They also get into detail, step by step, into each concept. By the time you've completed each course, you'll have a solid grounding in Java's coding concepts and approaches.

Java Step By Step

If you're new to Java, or programming, you can start with a complete, 250-step course that goes into detail on all the basics of Java, followed by a complete course on Java for beginners and a similar course on Java programming. Then you can delve into Spring Framework, learning the theory behind Java and how to build graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in Java.

Know a little Java and want to build on it? Try the complete programming course and a course on using jShell to code and execute Java programs. And if you're looking to change careers, the bundle closes with an in-depth look at technical interviews at software companies based on real interview questions that will help you beat the interview the first time and get the new job or new career. Whether you're looking to add code to your career, or want a new one, this bundle will set you up for success.

Get the Learn Java Programming: From Beginner to Advanced Bundle for $39.99 (reg. $359). 

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